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Ultrasonic probe/transducer is the heart of any ultrasonic test. Inappropriate transducer selection or a poorly manufactured or malfunctioning transducer can severely affect test results regardless of instrumentation capability. We offer a full line of standard and special transducers

Single Crystal Straight Beam Transducer

single crystal straight beam transducer1
single crystal straight beam transducer2

Crystal Size (dia): 24 mm & 10 mm
Frequencies (MHz): 2 & 4
Connectors: BNC, Lemo 00, Lemo 01

Dual Crystal Straight Beam Transducer

dual crystal straight beam transducer 3

Crystal Size (dia): 10mm, 24mm
Frequencies (MHz): 2 & 4
Connectors: BNC, Lemo 00

Single Crystal angle beam Transducer

single crystal angle beam transducer2
single crystal angle beam transducer1

Crystal Size (dia): 20X22mm, 8X9 mm
Frequencies (MHz): 2 & 4
Angle: 45, 60, 70
Connectors: BNC, Lemo 00

Dual Crystal angle beam Transducer

Dual Crystal angle beam Transducer1
Dual Crystal angle beam Transducer2

Crystal Size (dia): 20X10mm, 13X8 mm
Frequencies (MHz): 2 & 4
Angle: 45, 60, 70
Connectors: BNC, Lemo 00

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